The best way to view an online casino bonus as a marketing gimmick is if it’s a blatant advertisement. You may make tons of cash from your bonus (possibly even lose money as well) but the casino will view it as a means to attract new clients or retain a hold on long term members of the community. While this is true, one can generally find that the big “jackpot” bonuses on offer are offered to those with the most time on their hands. In other words, they aren’t being awarded as a bonus because the casino believes it will pay off in the end. In some cases the bonus could be viewed as being so lucrative that the casinos aren’t looking to simply hold onto the players.

This can be seen in the online casino bonus section of most sites. There you will often see empty promises littered throughout the offer. It seems the developers have a problem with the basic premise of incentives – you don’t work for them, you work for the casino! After all, if casinos were run by people who were working for nothing, why would anyone give them anything? Yet, here they are, promising you a lot of free money just for signing up.

Empty promises abound because not everyone has the same vision of how a bonus code should be used. For example, you may see many offers for casino “tickets” or “redemption bonuses”. These seem like fine ways of enticing people to play, but why offer such unfulfilled promises? It’s because no one ever uses all of the bonus details that are included with the code.

For example, when you sign up for casino “tickets” you are typically given a certain number of free spins during the first five minutes of play. If you complete the requirements, you automatically receive your bonus money. This is the entire point of these bonuses: to entice you to spend more money on wagering. However, if you don’t claim your bonus at the end of the session, you don’t get your bonus money.

What is the point of offering someone a free spin if they don’t make any wagers at the end of the session? These “free cash” offers have to be broken up into bite sized pieces if you expect to receive true results. In other words, you have to provide people with multiple bits of “free cash”. The more free cash pieces you provide, the more likely your casino bonus site is going to reward you with real free cash.

While you do need to make sure your bonuses fit well with the site’s time management goals, you also need to understand that you shouldn’t use them as an opportunity to take advantage of the promotions. The problem with many online casino bonus programs is that the only time you make money is while you are waiting for the promotion to expire. When this happens, you’re already in the losing end of the deal because you waited for the money to come in.

Whenever you sign up for a new site, you should read the bonus terms and agreement very carefully. This is where you are going to learn about how you can take advantage of the promotion and when you are going to be disappointed. You’ll want to make sure you understand the general terms, because often it is possible to receive even though you don’t necessarily qualify for it. Sometimes the terms require you to make a deposit of a certain amount or to register at least a certain number of hours.

In the best promotions, the bonuses change daily or at random. Even though this means more random opportunity for you, this also means more unpredictability for your bankroll. You never know what the general terms are, so it is a good idea to keep track of what you have been offered based on slot games wagers that you’ve placed. If you notice that you are consistently placing bets that you don’t qualify for the welcome bonus, then it may be time to cash out your winnings. On the other hand, if you are consistently winning slot games, then you are probably doing quite well in the long run.